The mobile application for your conference.

Every conference has speakers, events, tracks and sponsors. Organise them all in one single app, mark your favorites and get notified before an interesting event starts. Want to know what's up next? Check your smartphone!


All events of your conference are listed in the app. Every track you create gets its unique color to get recognized faster. The overview can be sorted by track, date and favorites. Once you've marked an event you will be notified prior the start of the event - you'll never miss anything interesting again!

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Conference organisers can alter the schedule during the conference, post news, or add more content to the app. This will be pushed to all online devices in real-time. Everybody will always be up to date with ConfSchedule, without the need of restarting or reinstalling anything.

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ConfSchedule provides a chat-like commenting system, so you can discuss and share your thoughts on the current event with others - in real-time of course!
ConfSchedule also comes with Twitter integration, so you'll still be able to read and discuss about what others say about the conference and the events on Twitter.

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